CO 7840SAN

CO 7840SAN

Product #: CO 7840F
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New OEM Sanden compressor with new aftermarket pulley assembly.  Exact fit.

Compressor Description For SD 7H15
Model # 7840
Sanden Part Number: 7840
OEM 157355
PBI Replacement Part Number: CO 7840SAN
Mount Type: Ear Mount
Rear Head Code (raised lettering on rear head of compressor): CB
Fitting Type: Vertical 1 X 14
Vertical = Fitting on top or on side of rear head
Horizontal = Fitting on back of rear head as opposed to side or top
Pulley: 119 mm Diameter 5 Groove Pulley (Identical to OEM pulley)
Coil Voltage: 12Volts Number of Wires: 1 with diode to ground and factory connector

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